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There are a number of Special Events open to partners, families and friends of Freemasons. ‘What to wear?’ is often one of the first questions we ask before attending an event and Masons are notoriously ‘vague’ when asked directly so we have endeavoured to provide some initial guidance.


  • Annual Church Service – typically held in June at St Mary’s Church Warwick. The luncheon beforehand provides an opportunity to wear something summery. Hats and fascinators are optional.

  • Master and Wardens Dinner – held in early September for new Masters and Wardens. Lounge suits or jacket and tie for the men.

  • Initiates Supper – held in October for new masons and their partners. Lounge suits for the men and day dress/trousers [work /lunch out] for ladies.

  • Remembrance Service – held in November in memory of those who gave their lives in the line of duty. Dark lounge suits, uniform and medals [optional] for men, suits/dress/jackets/trousers for ladies. Hats not required.

  • Annual Skittles Match - held in early January between the Craft, Royal Arch and the Mark which is open to all and includes a bar lunch. Smart casual clothes

  • Annual Golf Competition - held between Warwickshire and Worcestershire with dinner afterwards.

  • Spring Luncheon – held in April is organised and provided by the Ladies Gift Fund

  • Five of Nine Club – the club for new and young Freemasons in Warwickshire.  We aim to bring Freemasons who live or work in the Warwickshire area together for the purposes of fun, enjoyment, informal support, development and friendship under the Masonic Banner.


Lodge Events

Typically, throughout the year a Lodge may organise a number of social events open to wives, partners, friends, family and members of other lodges. An important part of social events is the charitable angle as well as having fun.

  • Ladies Night – organised by the Master and his partner to honour and thank their ‘loved ones’. A typical event will include dinner, speeches dancing and an opportunity to get dressed up. The Ladies Night may also be part of a weekend away at a hotel with the formal dinner taking place on one of the evenings.

  • Ladies to Dine – held at any time throughout the year, Christmas being very popular where carols are known to be sung with joy and enthusiasm!  The Lodge will hold a short meeting and invite the ladies to join them for dinner afterwards.

  • Additional Social Events: are sometimes arranged and may include: Sunday lunch, Summer Barbecues, Afternoon Tea, Social trips/outings, Curry nights, Paintballing,  etc


How do I find out what is happening?

Upcoming social events are notified at Lodge meetings and some are posted on the Warwickshire Web page.  If in doubt you can always call /email the Lodge Secretary who will be very pleased to let you know what is being planned. Warwickshire Lodge Secretaries details can be found in the Members Portal on

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