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WMBF Response to Covid19 Relief

Dear Brethren,

Following the resolution passed by the WMBF Management Committee on January 9th to widen the scope of WMBF relief that would be available, we have used technology to put this to proposition to you to get a response in this current climate. I am pleased to report that 98.5% of those of you who did respond have given your assent. This represents well over half of all Masons in Warwickshire so the resolution was passed by a majority.

This means that we can now channel WMBF funds to those areas in urgent need at the moment. The Provincial executive, as well as a group of Trustees, have worked tirelessly to ensure that our response is targeted, effective and gets to those areas in need swiftly. The accompanying table shows the full results of our action which I will summarise thus: WMCA cheque recipients, most in need where singled out for more support, some Hospices and other Charities that we support. Four further Charities were added, 

  • University Birmingham Hospital Trust; 

  • Covid19 Response Group; 

  • 3D printers for Facemasks and 

  • eight Warwickshire Food Banks were added to our list.

This means that we are in the process of donating, this week, £68,450 to those Charities that are listed.

I would like to thank all of the team involved, for their tireless and vigilant work over the past 5 weeks, in compiling and producing such a fine and well researched list, of which we call all be proud.

Finally, you will see that Warwickshire and Worcestershire have collectively donated 150 computer tablets to the Hospital Trust to enable patients to contact loved ones during this time. This money is claimed from an MCF Grant enabling the two Provinces to work together towards a common goal.

Thanking you all once more for the manner in which you support us.

I can today say that I’m very proud to be a Warwickshire Freemason.

Yours sincerely and fraternally,

R W Bro David F Macey

Provincial Grand Master

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