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Updated: Oct 4, 2018

On Friday the 25th May, the Province's retiring Provincial Charity Steward, John Hayward, accompanied by Geoff Walker, the newly appointed Provincial Charity Steward, went to visit the Warwickshire Young Carers Project based in Ryton on Dunsmore, to present a certificate to mark the grant of £5,000 donated by the Masonic Charitable Foundation.

The scheme provides care and support to over two thousand children and young people in Warwickshire, who are themselves carers, caring for parents and siblings with a wide range of physical and emotional disabilities.

For these children their caring responsibilities requires them to grow up far too quickly, interrupts their education and social development and impacts on any free time they might enjoy.

When on the visit the CEO, Deb Bignell, told John that the staff were taking over 40 children under the age of 12 on a residential week during half term. This was to allow the children some respite from their caring responsibilities and allow them to focus on themselves and have some fun.

Brethren the staff working on this project have our admiration and support and any Lodge which feels they want to make an additional donation can contact Deb Bignell on: 02476 217740 or by email:

The charity is fundraising for a project to support children aged 6-7 who are young carers and to provide breaks and activities taking place in school holidays or at weekends.

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