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Warwickshire Leads The Way!

Warwickshire is one of the first Province to see an increase in Members as a result of the various initiatives that the Provincial Grand Master has put in place.  Assistant Provincial Grand Master, W Bro David Stanford PSGD, in his role as Provincial Membership Officer was delighted to report to the Provincial Grand Master that since the start of the year, for the first time in a decade the number of Freemasons in Warwickshire is increasing! This has been the result of the rejuvenated Visiting Officers Scheme, The Membership Pathway presentations, the Retention Scheme, the Mentoring Scheme and of course the “Let’s Talk” team who are out in the local community promoting Freemasonry, who we are, and what we do. Keen to maintain this momentum W Bro David Stanford urges all Warwickshire Freemasons over the summer “recess” to look to our friends and acquaintances and openly discuss Freemasonry with them…….don’t be shy, we have nothing to hide…., and sow the seeds of interest, and invite them (and their families if appropriate) to Open Evenings, Open Days and Social Events. Let’s keep Warwickshire leading the way!


Do you have friends who want to know more? This leaflet from the United Grand Lodge of England can help with that first conversations:

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