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Walking for Prostate Cancer UK

Protate Cancer UK is saving lives across the country through exceptional work in the field. This work saved the live of a Freemason from Warwickshire and he is determined to give something back by by walking an astonishing 330,000 steps in April to raise money for the cause.

You can support Rob at:

Many men of a certain age shy away from getting any regular testing and are adverse to even thinking about the subject of Prostate Cancer, unaware that Prostate Cancer is the most diagnosed cancer in the UK.

W Bro Rob Wootton attended a Lodge meeting in London at which he had a discussion with a brother about his experience with a blood test (PSA) which is used as a first line of defence in spotting Prostate Cancer. He shared that although he did not have the disease he was being closely monitored. Before parting he forcibly encouraged Rob to ask for a PSA test from his GP.

Rob with his walking boots ready for action

Rob was found to have a raised PSA level, leading to biopsies being taken and within very short order it was confirmed that he had three cancerous tumours in my Prostate. This resulted in a Robotically Assisted Radical Prostatectomy (removal of the Prostate using a Robot) last August. Thankfully the operation was a success.

We hear a lot about the work that the likes of Prostate Cancer UK and other Charities carry out but the importance of these organisations only hits home when you are directly helped by such a Charity. The help and support Rob received from Prostate Cancer UK was simply fantastic.

His eyes were opened to the amount of research that they carry out which in turn, feeds into the wonderful work done by the Surgeons and Nurses in our irreplaceable Hospitals. The treatment Rob received simply saved his life.

Rob commented, "As is the case when major things happen, I have been reflecting on my experience over the last 12 months and have resolved to try and give something back. With this in mind, now that I am getting my strength back, I have decided to walk 11,000 steps every day in April in an effort to raise some badly needed cash to help fund the work of Prostate Cancer UK and I ask my Brothers and Companions to help me to do just that by contributing what you can to our Just Giving page.

"I thank you all in advance for whatever help you are able to give and would like to leave you with just one message: don't ignore this disease as I did, please get yourselves tested."

You can support Rob at:

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