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Vellum Lodge Celebrates 50 Years for the Worshipful Master

At a very pleasant relaxed evening on Friday 5th April, Vellum Lodge No 5845, together with numerous visitors, celebrated the 50 Year Anniversary of their Worshipful Master, W Bro Brian Wilcox, PProvJGW – a rank he holds in both Warwickshire & Herefordshire. Palladian Lodge No 120 is Brian’s Lodge in Hereford, where he was Worshipful Master in 1999, and he lives in Hereford but travels to Knowle for meetings of Vellum Lodge, usually with a car full of Herefordshire visitors.

In June, W Bro Brian will become acting Provincial Senior Grand Warden in Herefordshire – a richly deserved honour, particularly as he was acting Junior Grand Warden in 2013.

The Deputy Provincial Grand Master, W Bro Chris Rogers presenting Brian with his 50 year certificate

W Bro Brian was initiated by his father, W Bro Tom Wilcox in February 1969, and was presented with his certificate by the Deputy Provincial Grand Master, W Bro Chris Rogers with a splendid proclamation to conclude the presentation, by W Bro John Alder, Asst Director of Ceremonies. W Bro Chris delved into Brian’s past working life, which involved entering some notable locations in the less desirable areas of Birmingham during Environmental Health inspections. He has worked in three different local authorities in Environmental Health, and has held the post of Chairman of Herefordshire Council since 2015. Brian is pictured below wearing his Chain of Office.

Following the presentation of the 50 Year certificate, a rarely heard presentation of the symbolism of the Master Mason’s Apron was given by Bro Frank Gaffney, Junior Warden.

To conclude the evening, W Bro Chris Rogers presented his paper which won the 2018 Masonic Papers Competition, comparing those who were Freemasons in the 18th century, with today’s Freemasons, with interesting conclusions.

A very pleasant evening was enjoyed by all present, with thanks to the Worshipful Master, W Bro Brian Wilcox and to W Bro Chris Rogers.


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