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Two Lodges, Two Provinces – Working as One

On a memorable October meeting, a rare combination occurred as the result of a brother who is a member of two Provinces. W Bro Andy Staker, IPM of the Lodge of Alliance No 5811 in Warwickshire, is also a member of the Parrett & Axe Lodge No 814, meeting in Crewkerne, Somerset.

After many weeks making arrangements, a deputation of some 20 members from Warwickshire traveled down to Crewkerne, of whom the majority were members of the Lodge of Alliance and their regular visitors. The principle aim was for the Parrett & Axe Lodge to pass a brother from the Lodge of Alliance, which was very successfully undertaken to the satisfaction of all concerned.

The Worshipful Master of the Parrett & Axe Lodge, W Bro Steve Beach, with the newly passed Bro Alastair Boneham, together with the two Assistant Provincial Grand Masters for Somerset & Warwickshire. W Bro Andy Staker is pictured standing in the centre

However, that was not the only item on the agenda as there was a Grand Lodge Certificate to be presented to a member of the Parrett & Axe Lodge. It so happened that W Bro John Hayward, APGM, was a member of the Warwickshire deputation, and he was invited to present the certificate to Bro Nathan Power on behalf of the Lodge.

W Bro Barry McCormack, APGM for Somerset was also present to see fair play

The result of the evening was a very happy joint meeting, performed in conjunction with both Provinces.

W Bro Chris Albion, Lodge of Alliance, replies on behalf of the visitors at a very convivial Festive Board

A great example of two Provinces working as one for an evening. Many thanks to our welcoming hosts at the Parrett & Axe Lodge – we hope to repeat the experience at some future time, possibly in Warwickshire.

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