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The Making of a Mason - a night not to be missed

Updated: Sep 30, 2019

Silhill Lodge No 4786 are having a very special event at their next Regular Lodge meeting on 22nd October when the Sutton Coldfield Study Circle's team are attending.  The team, drawn from Brethren around the Province , will give a demonstration entitled "The Making of a Mason". 

This is an opportunity to see the renowned Sutton Coldfield Study Circle’s Demonstration Team present, in the colourful costume of the period, a complete reproduction of a Lodge meeting in 1765.  You will see that happy combination of a sincere ceremony, the lecture instruction and convivial social atmosphere that made 18th Century Lodge meetings unique. Don't miss what should be a very special night.

Bookings can be made with the Lodge Secretary, W.Bro. Lyn Clews at

who will send a summons with details of the Festive Board.

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