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The Great Big Provincial Ride Out

As part of the 2023 festival fund raising effort, one of our Assistant Provincial Grand Masters, W Bro David Greenwood has decided to regress to his teenage years and fulfil his midlife crisis all in one event.

He is going to visit all 44 provinces in the UK over the period of just about 2 weeks, a long trip, but not really a midlife crisis, unless for the first time in 30 years he decides to do it on a motorbike ....

David commented, "I haven’t ridden for about 30 years and those who know me may be aware, my last outing in 1987 wasn’t too successful. Following a big off, I spent 18 months in and out of hospital having smashed a significant number of bones on my left side, being rebuilt and learning to function again, some say I never have!"

So how will this work?

Along with some willing volunteers from Mike Hailwood Lodge and others, we will set out from Provincial HQ on or about the 25th March 2022.

We will then ride around the country visiting all the other Provinces and present them with a small momento to commemorate the journey.

We aim to attend Warwickshire Installed Masters Lodge in Kings Heath on 31st March and end up at UGLE, Great Queen Street on or around the 9th April. Every evening that it’s possible, we hope to attend a Masonic meeting in the Province in which we are staying overnight.

So in summary, 44 Provinces, 15 days on a VN900 Kawakaki, by an aging APGM who is feeling every one of his 56 odd years.

What could possibly go wrong!

So whats next?

"From my Wife’s point of view, she has checked that my life insurance is up to date and that she knows where my bank cards are."

"From my point of view. I will publish the route well in advance and hope that some brethren will join me for parts of the ride. I am being ably supported by W Bro Simon Bradley and W Bro Ian Hart with W Bro Mark Holmes running the support vehicle."

There is a Just Giving page no live to raise funds for the 2023 Festival

So what does David need from the brethren of the best Province under UGLE? - Support!

  • Sponsorship - please use the link above and donate what you can to this great cause

  • Tweeting, liking and sharing the story both before and during the tour

  • Tell others about it, especially if you live or visit other Provinces

  • At present we have sufficient deep heat for tired muscles, but other support would be welcome!

Further details will follow so let’s take Warwickshire out on the road and show the UK why we are ‘The Best’

David J M Greenwood

PSGD (APGM-Warwickshire)

All the money raised will be donated to the 2023 festival and split between Mike Hailwood lodge and Provincial DC’s lodge targets.

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