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  • Ali Yenidunya

The Five of Nine Club Returns to Bristol

The Five of Nine Club are delighted to announce their return visit to Scoutcraft lodge 9936 in Bristol.

Bristol Ritual is unique in the United Grand Lodge of England. When they first visited four years ago to see an initiation, the club members were treated to a spectacular ceremony.

Their visit on this occasion will be to see a third degree ceremony, which promises to be as equally unique. If you are interested in joining. please click on the button below to fill in the form and you will be contacted.

The ceremony date is the 15th of October, 2022. The lodge will open at 1130. Brethren are requested to book by Friday, the 7th of October.

Brethren will need to arrange their own transport to and from Bristol. As this is a third degree ceremony, all visitors for this event will need to be master masons.

After booking, you will be able to download the summons.

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