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Swan of Avon Installation – an International event

The Installation of Bro Jose Perez-Diez on February 4th in the Stratford on Avon Masonic Hall was a wonderful event and truly International occasion with visitors travelling from Germany, Spain, Italy & the USA to witness the event. As well as those from abroad, there were also visitors from Yorkshire (both East & West), London & Kent, as well as many from Warwickshire, including a good number of Acting Officers.

We enjoyed a real Masonic treat, with the full Installation undertaken by the Installing Master, W Bro Stephen Bailey in an outstanding ceremony, with the new Worshipful Master displaying a very relaxed confident approach to being in the chair for the first time. The full Lodge room was enthralled by a wonderful ceremony, enhanced even further by the presentation of the Working Tools by young brethren, each in the degrees which they had reached so far in their Masonic journey. Bro Alistair Stanford (son of APGM David Stanford) presented the 3rd, Bro Jack Franklin the 2nd, and Bro Lewis Iggulden the 1st – at only his 3rd meeting.

At a fun festive board, W Bro Andrew Gardner, member of the Grand Lodge of British Freemasons in Germany, presented the ‘Travelling Tankard’ filled with Dusseldorf Beer to the Worshipful Master, with the request that it be returned to Dusseldorf in June containing English beer. The Worshipful Master promised to do his best to comply with the request with other Swan of Avon Lodge members.

A remarkable evening charged with brotherly love and International affection.

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