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Supporting Birmingham Children's Hospital

In March this year, the Masonic Charitable Foundation awarded the Birmingham Children's Hospital £50,000 to support the vital work of the hospital play team over two years. Children who are happy and relaxed cope better with treatment and recover more quickly than those who are upset and anxious, which is why the play team is such a special and integral part of the hospital family.


Earlier this year, following a totally unexpected stroke at home, seven-year-old Chase was diagnosed with a condition called Medulloblastoma, which causes tumours to develop in the brain and spine. Chace was admitted to the Neurosurgical ward before undergoing brain surgery, which is where he met their amazing Play Worker, Megan.

“Even though he was so poorly, Chace still wanted to play” remembers Chace’s mum, Emma. “Things were very uncertain and I was in a bit of a state so when Megan arrived and started to chat and laugh with him, it was a real relief. I thought, ‘OK, we can do this’”

“Megan spent that first day just getting to know Chace. She asked him what he liked and together they played with cars and made a model garage. She really has a wonderful way of getting children to open up. Chace trusts her completely.”

Following his surgery Megan continued to visit Chace “It was a huge operation” says Emma “Afterwards, he became a bit uncooperative and wouldn’t open his eyes for the nurses but he’d always do it for Megan. As he began to recover, Megan continued to work with Chace, building his confidence and helping to settle him into life on the ward. Together they have painted, made models, played endless games of Hot Wheels and indulged in mutual love of slime. “Chase just lights up when he sees Megan” says Emma “And I would definitely say she has helped me just as much as him. It’s been such a stressful and upsetting time but when I see he is happy, I feel as though I can relax a little bit.”


"We would like to thank everyone who contributes to the Masonic Charitable Foundation for your generous support and for recognising and valuing the role that play has in supporting the treatment and recovery of so many of our patients. Your support means that Play Workers like Megan can continue to deliver happy, engaging and memorable experiences to children like Chace. We look forward to sharing more positive stories with you in the coming months."

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