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  • Ali Yenidunya

Successful Inter Provincial Visit to Chester

Seven members of Grosvenor Chapter No 938, which usually meets at Knowle, led by their MEZ, Excellent Comp David Richardson, recently made a successful and enjoyable visit to the Province of Cheshire to attend a special meeting of Grosvenor Chapter No 721. Excellent Companions Wheeler, Shakeshaft, Hawkins, Austen, Richardson, Murray, and Handley headed North on the M6 to Cheshire View, a very smart provincial headquarters and a wedding venue at Christleton, three miles out of the City of Chester.

After some research on the internet to identify any other Chapters with the same name, Excellent Companion David was surprised to find that the two chapters were consecrated within a few years of each other, and both had the influence of noble lords in their chosen names. In Chester, the chapter was consecrated in 1868 when Lord Richard Grosvenor, one of the wealthiest families in England, was a founder and First Principal of the chapter named after him.

In Warwickshire our own Grosvenor Chapter No 938 was consecrated in 1864 by the members of Grosvenor Lodge No 938, only two years after its own consecration, and the chapter was named by the founders in honor of the recently married wife of Lord Leigh, Lady Caroline Leigh (nee Grosvenor).

The Warwickshire sojourners enjoyed a wonderful evening with the highlight being the demonstration of the Australian Supreme Grand Chapter of Victoria. Opening and closing ritual was surprisingly like our own Warwickshire workings.

A splendid festive board was held, gifts exchanged, promises to arrange a return visit to Warwickshire were made and our Companions departed ‘buzzing’ after a super evening of true Royal Arch Companionship.

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