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Stuart’s 5km Wheelchair Challenge

Bro Stuart Mills of Cosmopolitan Lodge has been a paraplegic full time wheelchair user since a road accident in July 2011. Following the accident, Stuart spent thirteen months in the Midland Spinal Injuries Centre in Oswestry, and a further year in rehab at home before returning to working life, and a sense of normality.

His injuries, on top of a broken back, shoulder blades, sternum, and all his ribs, included damage to his lungs, which has left him with a reduced capacity of about 70%.

Stuart became a Freemason in 2014 and was immediately welcomed into a brotherhood that he holds very dear. As you would expect, the brethren have been very supportive.

July 2021 marks the ten-year anniversary of the accident, and Stuart has found the inspiration to take on a 5km wheelchair challenge. This is no small feat after ten years doing no exercise at all, with reduced lung capacity and having recently entered his sixth decade.

Stuart’s inspiration comes from Mark Ormrod, a Royal Marine Commando who, in 2007, stood on an IED in Afghanistan, losing both legs above the knee, and one arm above the elbow.

Mark has faced many challenges since this incident, and is now a successful author, motivational speaker, multiple Invictus Games gold medal winner, tireless campaigner for REORG his charity, and a Freemason, recently appearing in Freemasonry Today.

REORG is a charity that aids the mental health of military and blue light personnel.

Stuart originally intended to raise £500 for REORG, but in three weeks the total passed £5,000, so Stuart revised his goal is now going for £10,000.

You can support Stuart and follow his progress via his Just Giving page at:

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