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Spencer TE Fenn Memorial Lecture - 'Life After the Three Degrees'

On Wednesday 14th August at 6:00 pm, Meridian Lodge 9003 meeting at Guy's Cliffe, Warwick will be presenting the much requested 'Life After the Three Degrees' presentation and regalia display showcasing the many Masonic Orders worked in Warwickshire.

If you have never experienced this event before then you are in for a veritable Masonic treat. Viewed by many Masons around the UK as the most comprehensive explanation of the wider Masonic Orders and their relationship to each other. It can only be described as a festival of regalia and pageantry and much more than your daily advancement in Masonic knowledge.

In order for the event to run smoothly the regular lodge will be opened and closed in minimal fashion by a limited number of Lodge officers ahead of the presentation. This will enable the lodge room to be prepared and visitors are requested to arrive in time for the presentation to commence at our usual time of 6:00 pm.

If you would like to attend the presentation (and potentially participate in) and dine afterwards please contact the Secretary, W Bro David Leask PProvSGD at to book a place.

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