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  • Ali Yenidunya

Provincial Grand Master's Christmas Message

Dear Brethren and Companions,

I looked back on my Christmas 2021 message when I understandably focused on the impact the pandemic had had on all our lives and I encouraged us all to reflect on the memory of those we had lost.

It seems the events of 2022, whilst very different, have also had such a profound impact on so many lives. From the dreadful war in Ukraine to the economic challenges we all face closer to home, the unshakeable foundations that are provided through freemasonry, and the unwavering support and generosity of our brethren, has never been more important to the world at large.

The brethren of Warwickshire have risen to these challenges, both within our own Lodges and within the communities in which we live. From support for food banks and warm centres, through to help for those facing domestic violence, along with charities supporting children and adults facing any number of hardships and privations, Warwickshire freemasons have been steadfast in our support. I couldn’t be prouder of you all and I thank every one of you for what you do so unselfishly and instinctively.

As we move into 2023, it seems that the kindness and charitable instinct that exemplify freemasons everywhere will be much in need. I am confident this will be given without exception.

As we look forward to the Festive period, Julie and I wish all Warwickshire freemasons and your families a very Merry Christmas. We hope you will be able to enjoy this time of peace and goodwill and spare a thought for those for whom this time may be more challenging.

Warm festive regards to you all,

RW Bro Philip L Hall

Provincial Grand Master

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