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  • Ali Yenidunya

Platinum Partnership between Warwickshire Freemasons and Lifelites

Lifelites empowers 10,000 life limited and disabled children and young people using hospice services across the British Isles by providing them with opportunities to benefit from the power of assistive and inclusive technologies to learn, to be creative, to communicate and to control things for themselves. The hospices do not pay a penny towards their Lifelites project and all of Lifelites’ work is funded by donations. The equipment, ongoing technical support, and training at each hospice costs around £50,000 over four years.

Warwickshire Freemasons have joined other Freemasons across the country to become a platinum partner of Lifelites, pledging a total of £20,000 over the next four years. Helping to give life limited and disabled children in Warwickshire a chance to escape the confines of their conditions through life changing technology.

The Head of Warwickshire Freemasons, Philip Hall and his deputy, Peter Manning both came into Lifelites’ office recently to try out some of the technology that Lifelites donates to support children using hospice services.

The technology that Lifelites donates allow children to leave their wheelchairs behind and walk along a virtual beach, swim with turtles, and travel around the world. Children are also able to use Lifelites technology to communicate with their parents, brothers and sisters and hospice staff, even if they can’t speak, giving them the chance to tell their mum that they love her, maybe for the first time.

Rob Lightfoot, CEO of Lifelites said:

We are delighted that Warwickshire Freemasons have chosen to support our work over the next four years. The generosity of Warwickshire Freemasons means that we can continue to support local children using hospice services with life changing and ever evolving technologies to give them happy and joyful experiences. We know that many of the children we support will be using Lifelites donated technology right up until their final day to play, create and communicate. There is no greater gift. Thank you, Philip, Peter, Geoff, and all your Brethren.

Thanking to Lifelites for its commendable endeavours and precious contribution to the community, Phil Hall responded:

It is my privilege to lead such a generous Province. I know Warwickshire Freemasons are particularly keen to support the praiseworthy charitable work of Lifelites to help life limited and vulnerable children in Warwickshire. It is marvellous to witness how technology has evolved and is continuing to evolve. It will make a huge difference to every child. We are delighted to have committed to supporting Lifelites over the next four years.

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