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Monolithos Lodge No. 8475 had a triple celebration

At their meeting on Monday 17th April Monolithos Lodge No. 8475 had a triple celebration. The meeting marked the 50th anniversary of the Consecration of the Lodge and also saw the presentation of a 50 year certificate to the Lodge’s first initiate W. Bro. Dennis Forsyth by the Deputy PGM W.Bro. David Butcher. As if that were not enough , the Lodge first held an initiation and welcomed Bro. Paul Willson to its numbers. The initiation ceremony work was shared between the WM, W.Bro. Chris Walton, and the candidate’s proposer and seconder, the father and son team of W.Bro. Ted Byron and W.Bro. Stuart Byron. An excellent evening was had by all.

Please see the attached photos, the first one of Dennis Forsyth and David Butcher. The next, is of W.Bro. Ted Byron , W.Bro. David Butcher DepPGM, Bro. Paul Willson, W.Bro. Chris Walton WM and W.Bro. Stuart Byron. respectfully.

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