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Masons Masonic Miscellany

During the first lockdown, as I’m sure you will recall, there were a series of Questions & Answers published in the ‘In Touch’ bulletins, which are now being continued in the recent editions. These Q&As were written originally by W Bro Peter Mason, who is a prominent member of both the Provinces of West Lancashire and Cumberland & Westmorland, and currently Deputy Grand Superintendent in the latter Province.

Peter comments:

“When the Masonic lockdown started, I thought I would try and keep Masonic interest going and help satisfy that promise you made at your initiation ! ‘To make in this case a weekly advancement in Masonic knowledge’ as best I could, by putting out a weekly series of 2 - 3 Masonic Questions to our members with my Answers, based on questions asked and researched by me during my 50 years of membership of the Craft, as my contribution towards keeping our ‘Masonic Pot’ boiling ! The lockdown situation gave me an unprecedented golden opportunity to contact, via Lodge Secretaries, ALL our members at once and hopefully, my Q&A’s might just help to dispel that all too often misquoted answer to a Masonic question given by many: “We’ve always done it that way!”

"At the start, I had no idea how long ‘the plague’ would continue, but continued my weekly contribution in Cumberland &Westmorland until I reached 100 separate items. Little did I know that whilst the information was circulated to every Lodge Secretary and Scribe E in the Province for onward transmission to their members, how this idea would be treated by those who received it? I need not have worried, as from the feedback the idea was obviously greeted with acclamation and many of the items, as if by magic, have somehow been circulated to many other Provinces. I was requested to reproduce the Q&A’s as a booklet, so that we can all dispel that often misquoted answer to too many Masonic Questions: “We’ve always done it that way !” And read the sensible researched answers!"

E Comp Peter Mason, Dep. Grand Superintendent (C&W)

Copies of the A5 size booklet (59 pages) which can be ordered by email, are available at the modest price of £6.53 (including postage). All proceeds after paying minimal printing costs, are in aid of Masonic Charities.

Cover of ‘Masons Masonic Miscellany’

To order, send an email to Peter Mason – with your full postal address. Peter will then send you bank details to enable payment to be made by BACS.

Enjoy the read and make your ‘daily advancement’!

With grateful thanks from Peter for your support.


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