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Updated: Oct 18, 2018

Welcome to a new Masonic season which will continue into this year with a Raising in January, a Passing in February and celebration for our 500th meeting of the Lodge in March. This ‘Heady Time’ for Loyal Service continues on into the new year.


Once again we look forward to another enjoyable installation meeting with one of our Past Masters being inducted into the Big Chair.

W Bro Roger Harrison who has duly served his time honourably in both of the Wardens chairs has a full program planned for the ensuing year and is looking forward to his time “in charge”, he even promises not to use any Worcestershire ritual.

I know W Bro Peter James, our current and Installing Master wishes me to thank everyone for the support he has received not only in the Lodge but also at the Ladies Festival. I’m pleased to tell you that W Bro David Greenwood, one of our Assistant Provincial Grand Masters will be Presiding. His escorting DC will be W Bro Jonathan Castle, the Prov Dep GDC.

To the website readers – want to come ? Please email me:


  • Thai Crab Cakes, Sweet Chilli Dip,

  • Freshly Baked Rich Steak & Kidney Pie, Roast & Chefs Selected Potatoes, Seasonal Vegetables,

  • Cheese & Biscuits with Coffee & Mints.

If you or one of your guests require a vegetarian main course or other alternative for dietary reasons please let me know. The dining fee will be £24. This WILL include wine at the table.


As always our traditional Christmas Ladies informal, all are invited.


The Raising of Brother Julian Sawyer with the traditional cast of Lodge members.


A Passing for our very own 2023 Lodge Champion, Bro. Robert Bendell.


This is the big one! Our 500th Meeting which will be a nostalgic look at the era when the Lodge was consecrated with members being uniquely drawn from the Home Guard. More to follow in the future newsletters.


There will be a Ladies Festival on the 6th April 2019 at the Manor Hotel, Meriden. Full details to follow soon but at this stage get that date firmly fixed in your 2019 diary.

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