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At a lovely Installation meeting, the Lodge of Happiness certainly showed that it is a happy thriving Lodge. The occasion was the Proclamation of the Worshipful Master W Bro Colin Bennett, who is to continue for a second term in office. But, instead of a simple announcement, the Lodge decided to make it a demonstration of just how a proclamation can be entertaining, and involve most of the Lodge members.

The Lodge was opened by W Bro John Hayward as Presiding officer, a well known visitor to the Lodge, who then handed over to the Master, who opened in the 2nd & 3rd degrees, and the Board of Installed Masters. The Proclaiming Master, W Bro Geoffrey Weston then took over and performed the full proclamation ritual. Following on the Lodge Secretary, W Bro Mike Willetts continued with the admission of those below the chair, when the 3rd degree working tools were presented by a Master Mason, the 2nd by a Fellowcraft, and the 1st by an Entered apprentice. Then, expertly handled by the Secretary and Director of Ceremonies, the new Lodge Officers were appointed and invested. The ceremony was concluded with expert delivery of the addresses.

The Lodge is fortunate to have a number of recently initiated members, with more to come shortly. Pictured below are some of the most recent members of the Lodge, with the Worshipful Master and the Presiding Officer.

L-R, Bro Sagar Pengyatar (1st WTs), Bro Josh Hughes, Bro Johnny Binaoro, Bro Godfrey Sarfo Adu (2nd WTs), W Bro Colin Bennett, WM, W Bro John Hayward, W Bro Jon Castle (ProvDGDC)

The icing on the cake for the Presiding officer was his election as an Honorary Member of the Lodge to mark 40 years as a visitor to the Lodge of Happiness.

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