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Lodge of Faith and Hope supporting local charities

The Charity Steward of the Lodge of Faith & Hope, No 4772, has been hard at work supporting two of our local charities following regular meetings and individual members wishes.

W Bro Roger Chapman has made two visits in December, firstly to St Mary’s Hospice, and then to Heartlands Hospital. At St Mary’s Hospice, a cheque for £250 was presented to the Fundraising Team, following a collection at the October meeting, which was doubled from Lodge funds.

The second donation of £600 was a result of the Province’s appeal for support of the Good Hope & Heartlands Incubator Appeal, launched to fund two Incubators, the first of which is already in use at Good Hope Hospital. The £600 was raised at the November Lodge meeting, with £150 collected on the night, a further £300 from Lodge funds, and a wonderful donation of £150 by a member who had personal experience of the need for this life-saving equipment.

The Lodge of Faith & Hope is supporting the 2023 Festival magnificently, and other local charities, and with the enthusiasm of their Charity Steward, Roger, will continue to do so into 2020 and beyond.

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