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Join the Lodge of St Blaise for a Beetle Drive

The Lodge of St. Blaise No. 6113


The first social event of this Masonic year will be a Beetle Drive on Friday 15th February 2019 at:

The Erdington Conservative Club 93, Orphanage Road, Erdington B24 9HU

7:30 pm prompt

Cost: £10.00 per adult, £5.00 per child (under 13)

Food: ‘Mini Fish ‘n Chips’ or ‘Mini Chicken ‘n Chips’ or ‘Vegetarian ‘n Chips’ + Bread & Butter

There will be a raffle and donated prizes will be gratefully received.

The food has to be ordered in advance, so we need numbers

as soon as possible and food choices by Thursday 7th February.

As usual brethren, if you cannot make it, please book - out.


W Bro Pete Woodfield - - 07966 296320

W Bro Jonathan Amies - - 07710 811134

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