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  • Ali Yenidunya

Happy Semiseptcentennial Aberdeen!

The 24th of April marked the semiseptcentennial anniversary of the Lodge of Aberdeen No 1 ter. The day which made all members of the 350 year old lodge very proud was delayed due to Covid for two years. Finally, this long awaited day arrived. The provincial team led by RW Bro Phil Hall, Grand Master of Warwickshire, was present for this salient occasion during which the lodge jewels that has been donated to the Warwickshire Museum in 1928 were returned.

The centre of attention was undoubtedly the Aberdeen Mark Book which had been presented by the curator of the Museum of the Grand Lodge of Scotland, W Bro Robert Cooper in May 2013, during the 4th International Conference on the History of Freemasonry. This noteworthy book which was initially penned 350 years ago possesses invaluable information about the history of Freemasonry. For example, James Anderson, the author of the Constitutions of the Freemasons published in 1723, and John Skene, a Quaker and one of the first Freemasons in North America who served as the third deputy governor of West Jersey between 1684 and 1692, were both members of the lodge.

With commentary by Prof David Stevenson, the author of The Origins of Freemasonry: Scotland's Century, 1590-1710, the Aberdeen Mark Book was examined and produced in limited edition which is still available to researchers and collectors.

In the wake of a spectacular ceremony, the Provincial team left Aberdeen, hoping to meet again with their Brethren in Scotland. Although they are separated by a common ritual, as Provincial Grand Master of Warwickshire states, Freemasons always enjoy the company of each other and raise their glasses for a brighter future. On their way back home, RW Bro Phil Hall said: "We thank everyone for their kind hospitality and warm welcome. It was such a lovely rededication ceremony which was performed splendidly by our Scottish Brethren. We congratulate the members of the lodge of Aberdeen No 1 ter and wish them hundreds of happy and prosperous years."

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