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Greville Lodge Installation – A Great Occasion

On a very wet November evening, it was wonderful to come into the warmth of Greville Lodge No 4773 to witness the third occasion for W Bro Richard Lynes to take the chair. The Installing Master, W Bro David Baynham splendidly installed W Bro Richard Lynes, in a very friendly manner, to the obvious delight of around 45 members and guests.

One of the highlights of the evening, was the sight of two rows of light blue members & guests, lined up to acknowledge the newly installed Master. This was followed by the presentation of working tools impeccably presented in the three degrees by three Master Masons – Bro Mark Collizzi, Bro Mark Bartlett & Bro David Munro. Inspiring to see such a thriving Lodge, involving its more recent members at an early opportunity.

A happy festive board followed, under the watchful eye of W Bro Peter Round, who made sure that everyone enjoyed a super night in good company.

Well done to all concerned.

Pictured above are W Bro Robert Wootton, SW, W Bro Simon Abel, Prov Deputy DC, W Bro John Hayward, APGM, W Bro Richard Lynes, WM, W Bro David Baynham, Installing Master, W Bro Roger Neal, JW.

Those who follow these pages may have noticed that W Bro Richard Lynes has appeared before quite recently, as he was present at the September Installation of the Lodge of Goodwill, when W Bro Len Taylor was installed. Len Taylor and Richard Lynes are brothers-in law, as are another pair of in-laws, all present on both occasions.

Brothers-in-law Richard Lynes & Len Taylor (centre) with David Wright (far right) & John Hayward, carefully positioned by DC Simon Abel.

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