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Grand Lodge December Quarterly Communication

The last Grand Lodge Quarterly Communication of 2018 took place on Wednesday 12th December in the Grand Temple at Great Queen Street. The Grand Temple can accommodate approximately 1700, and it is estimated that there were probably around 1300 present. The main feature of the meeting was an address by the Grand Secretary and Chief Executive, V W Bro Dr David Staples.

In his address, he described the purpose of his appointment – modernising and bringing the Corporate and Masonic sides of Freemasons’ Hall together, and to transform Great Queen Street into a purpose and values driven organisation, serving the needs of the organisation and its members. He admitted that this is an enormous task, but then went on to outline some of the changes we have seen since his appointment and more that will be introduced in the future.

It was an interesting and inspiring address, and as he is coming to Warwickshire on Friday 29th March 2019 to talk to Warwickshire Installed Masters Lodge, that too promises to be a most interesting meeting to which all Master Masons are welcome.

The full address can be viewed HERE

Following the meeting, some of the many Warwickshire members attending relaxed before taking the train home as can be seen below. For those of you who have never been to either Grand Lodge or a Quarterly Communication, both the building and the meeting are spectacular and well worth the trip to London.


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