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Freemasonry Awareness for the Round Table

W Bros Jeffrey Bull and John Payne, along with the President of Round Table Area 45, Bro Neal Lowe, supported by a further 15 of the Brethren of the Lodge of the Round Table No. 8424 organised a ‘Freemasonry awareness’ evening recently at Coventry Masonic Hall (Dalecote House).

The response surpassed all expectations with 28 past and present members of Round Table attending and by dispensation of the RW Provincial Grand Master, were treated to a presentation delivered in full regalia in the Temple.

The guest speaker from Province, W Bro Howard Smith, a past 'Tabler' himself, spoke with great aplomb about his experiences in both Masonry and Round Table, this was followed by W Bro John Payne who spoke about the synergy between the two organisations.  The final speaker was W Bro Jeff Bull who gave an brief explanation of the Lodge room, introduced the Officers present and then spoke more specifically about the Lodge of the Round Table.

After this formal but 'lighthearted' presentation, all retired to a buffet style meal where the Brethren were able to mix, answer questions and discuss their Masonic experiences with their guests.

All 28 guests present were ‘like minded people’ and from their enthusiasm on the night and subsequent feedback, the evening undoubtedly proved to be a great success.

Following the meeting, two Candidates have already been confirmed and we expect many more to follow as every 'Tabler' who was present is now well aware that as they come to the end of their ‘Table’ career (the compulsory leaving age for Round Table is 45 years old) they can look forward to continuing their fun, fellowship and fundraising in our Masonic fraternity.

The Lodge would like to thank all those who took part, the old adage ‘you get out what you put in’ has never been so true.

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