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Filling bags for Charity

After the success of last year W Bro David Stanford is delighted that the Let’s Talk Team will again be bag packing and trolley unloading at Waitrose, Stratford upon Avon to help Spinal Muscular Atrophy UK, based in Stratford, and is supported by Warwickshire Freemasons. 

Last year with the help of the Let’s Talk Team the Charity raised over £1,000. 

The Team will be on duty on the afternoon of Saturday 14th December 2019.

About Spinal Muscular Atrophy UK

Spinal Muscular Atrophy UK are providing Information and Support Services in the UK for families and individuals with personalised information about SMA, emotional and practical support, advocacy for services and access to care and drug treatments, opportunities to have contact with others affected by the condition.

They are working to improve and monitor SMA community access to care and support, clinical trials and new drug treatments, equipment and adaptations.

Pharmaceutical companies are now investing heavily in the clinical development of drug treatments, these are important stepping stones that SMA UK will continue to monitor and support. Their funding focus will now be on:

  • projects that contribute to understanding the complexities of SMA and the underlying disease mechanisms.

  • the pre-clinical development of drug treatments.

  • improvements in the clinical care and management of people affected by SMA

  • continuing to support, strengthen and develop the capacity of the UK SMA scientific and clinical community

Their excellent track record of raising and delivering money to the scientific community, along with their strong connections and collaborations with clinicians, researchers, international groups and the pharmaceutical industry, ensure they are not duplicating effort when they fund and support initiatives that will ease the path to drug treatments and improvements in clinical care

Read more about their work here

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