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  • Ali Yenidunya

Especial Meeting of Grand Lodge

The especial meeting of Grand Lodge to celebrate the tercentenary of the publication of the Constitutions of Freemasonry (31 January 2023) is a ticket-only event and we, as a Province, have been allocated a limited number of tickets.

If you wish to attend, please request a ticket by emailing the AsstPGSec, W Bro Bernard Foad at

If our allocation is oversubscribed we will hold a ballot to select those able to attend.

Especial Meetings of Grand Lodge are held only rarely, most recently to celebrate the tercentenary of the foundation of the Grand Lodge of England and, before that, the installation of a new Grand Master.

The tercentenary of the publication of the Constitutions of the Freemasons in 1723 is another such seminal event.

The 1723 Constitutions transformed Freemasonry. They marked a break with the ‘Old Charges’ that governed mediaeval stonemasons’ lodges, setting out new principles that promoted Enlightenment ideas. These included religious tolerance, meritocracy, interpersonal civility, and education and self-improvement.

Masonic ritual is based on an Enlightenment philosophy but many, perhaps most freemasons are unaware of its origins and context, and how freemasons were at the heart of scientific, political and social change not just in Britain but also internationally. The tercentenary of the 1723 Constitutions presents an opportunity to change that and to take pride in Freemasonry’s achievements.

We will be marking the tercentenary of the 1723 Constitutions throughout 2023 with our celebrations beginning with an Especial Meeting of Grand Lodge on Tuesday, 31 January 2023, followed by lunch in the Grand Connaught Rooms.

Admission to the Meeting is free of charge but, with places limited to 1600, strictly by ticket only. There is also an opportunity to join the Pro Grand Master for a reception and lunch, for which the ticket price is £68. All Freemasons are welcome to attend, including Entered Apprentices and Fellowcraft.

The Grand Temple will open at 11.30 and the Especial Meeting will commence at 12.30. Lunch will follow at c.14.00.

An Exhibition – ‘Inventing the Future’ – will be open to view in the Museum of Freemasonry at Freemasons’ Hall both on the day and throughout the year.

To find out more about the importance of the 1723, visit

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