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Double Initiation at Wyley Lodge


Saturday April 6th 2019

“Double” Initiation.

Wyley Lodge have for a number of years struggled with declining numbers. However in the last two years three new masons have been Initiated into the Lodge.

The resurgence of the Lodge continues and by permission of the Provincial Grand Master a special meeting will be held on 6th April so that two Sikh brothers can be Initiated into the Lodge at a “Double” ceremony. This will be the first time such an event has occurred at Wyley Lodge and indeed is a rare event throughout masonry.

The setting at Guys Cliffe together with the “double” Initiation ceremony will make this a memorable occasion and the Lodge anticipates that it will be fully subscribed.

Should you wish to attend please contact the Secretary, Bro David Fender at for a Summons.

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