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Coventry Masonic Pantomime

We are now into our tenth year and it is with great regret that this year’s pantomime will not be able to take place due to the Covid 19 problems.   However are we going to be put off by a pesky bug?   Are going to let down the children?    NO!!!!!

We have contacted our usual schools and have identified those with the most disabled and disadvantaged children.    We have increased our order for toys and in due course Santa and his team of helpful (and naughty) elves will meet up to pack 500 goody bags.   It is intended that this will be under the watchful eye of our photographer who will then be able to send pictures to the schools advising that Santa will deliver presents to the schools as the pantomime has had to be cancelled.

We are deeply disappointed that we cannot present our usual days entertainment but are sure that our revised plans will be successful

Peter (old elf)

W Bro Peter Wright

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