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Athelstan hands over £1,000 to Guide Dogs for the Blind

On 4 July 2019, Philip Salmon, Peter Weightman & Tony Pritchard, ably supported by Jenny Pritchard and Olive Whitmore, went to present the Athelstan Lodge donation of £500 to the Guide Dogs for the Blind Association Central Midlands Team, at their Dog Training Centre at Edmonscote Manor, Leamington Spa.

Brethren will remember this was in conjunction with the Atherstone Red Lion who made it possible. Athelstan Lodge was able to increase the sum handed over to £1,000 thanks to the much-appreciated match-funding donation from the Warwickshire Provincial Charity Office.

The day was made that much more special by it being one of their Open Days where, together with 30 other visitors, volunteers demonstrated the training work they do, the facilities they have and how they care for the dogs in their charge.

Group participation included a few of those present being blindfolded and led by a ‘dog’ (actually one of the handlers!) to understand a little of how helpless one felt being led around by someone in the dark. Little did they know that the three Freemasons were no strangers to that experience!

The photo features the volunteer recipient with her dog, together with Peter, Phil and Tony. A case of representing the immediate Past, Present & Future of the Lodge.

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