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  • Ali Yenidunya

Another Successful Food Bank Collection in Knowle

At a time when the UK food price inflation soared to a record annual rate of 11.6% in October and the mounting cost of living put immense pressure on food banks, supporting food banks and delivering essential products to unfortunate households has become paramount more than ever.

Thanks to Knowle Masons' kind donations, hundreds of essential items have been delivered to the Renewal Centre in Solihull. In addition to individually prepared bags of products brought by the members of Knowle Centre for Freemasonry, many more were purchased thanks to the members' previous generous donations to the community fund. £500 was spent following a list of urgently needed essentials was received from the Renewal Centre. Particularly jars of jam, tins of vegetables and tuna, packs of cooking oil, bags of rice and pasta, and many festive treats were named at the top of the list. A further £20 was kindly donated by Tesco in Knowle.

The Renewal Centre, having thanked to the ongoing support of Knowle Masons, issued this statement:

Helping Hands has supported over 6,000 individuals this year, with more than 2,700 referrals. We recognise that people are in need more than ever, so are working with other agencies to ensure people are being holistically supported, with not only a food parcel but wider support and provision where needed.

In the wake of this successful round of collection, another appeal on Just Giving platform for the same cause raised £479 which will be spent on hundreds of other essentials ahead of Christmas to be delivered to the Renewal Centre.

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