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  • Ali Yenidunya

Another Successful Food Bank Collection in Knowle

"Community and Charity at Our Heart," reads the logo of Knowle Centre for Freemasonry. In this round of food bank collection, which took place on 22 May 2022, tens of bags of food and toiletries were received thanks to the generous donations of Knowle Freemasons and of the visiting officers of the Province of Warwickshire and delivered to Helping Hands which supplies the essentials to those in need on behalf of Renewal Church located in Solihull.

According to Helping Hands, more than 400 people were supported in May 2022. What is more concerning as a prominent sign that shows the immense pressure on food banks is that the same organisation has supplied these essentials to over 3500 people and fulfilled 1646 referrals since the beginning of this year. One of the representatives of Solihull branch said: "We are so grateful for any donations we receive. As many of the food banks in the borough is finding, it is tough to keep up with the demand. So thank you to those who have given so generously".

The overall picture may not look bright yet the determination and commitment of the community in Solihull proactively supported by Freemasons is promising to deliver as much as possible to those in need.

Meanwhile, Knowle Centre for Freemasonry kindly placed a defibrillator in a secure and heated cabinet outside the building for public use.

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