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Ali walking for the Festival

The Warwickshire 2023 Festival provides the vital money needed to support charities in Warwickshire, across the country and around the world. Over the last four years Freemasons from across Warwickshire have raised money in a wide variety of ways, each pushing themselves to do something extraordinary.

Now Ali Yenidunya from Knowle Masonic Centre has taken up the mantle and has taken on his own personal challenge, for which he needs your support. Ali suffers with arthritis in both knees, fatty liver, Thoracic Outlet Syndrome, hypothyroidism and vertigo - making a physical challenge difficult. So .... he has committed to walk 1 million steps over 75 days, pushing himself to the limit.

If you are able to support Ali, or wish to follow his progress, you can do so on his Just Giving site at:

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