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  • Ali Yenidunya

Alchemy Lodge's Initiation Evening

On 23 March 2022, the members of Alchemy Lodge 3950 and visitors arrived at Yenton Assembly Rooms before 6 pm to witness an initiation ceremony. The candidate who was successfully balloted for on 2 February took his seat in the adjoining bar and waited until he was called. When the moment of initiation arrived, everything was ready and perfect for an unforgettable evening, particularly for the candidate.

Left to right: Lord Jim Wild, Frank Hall, Joseph Davis, Soni Milano, Ian Gemmell

Needless to mention that the members of the lodge reaped the harvest of their hard work and high standards, and conducted an excellent ceremony on their emergency meeting. The new initiate, Bro Joseph David Davies, received hearty congratulations and said:

Thank you to everyone involved in last night's ceremony. I have had great interest in masonry for many years and last night my journey began. My nerves were quickly dispelled by the warm welcomes and kindness of everyone. I am proud of and honoured to be welcomed in to such an ancient and charitable organisation and I hope to learn a little more every day. Special thanks to Bro Soni Milano and W Bro Jim Wild.

Another evening ended with jolly faces and a new chapter began both for the Alchemy Lodge and for the new initiate.

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