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After School Uniform Party – Freemasons Supporting their Local Community

Walter Pearce making a presentation to Desta Hall of the Oakland Young People’s Centre at the School Uniform Party held at the Wretham Road Masonic Hall on Friday 29th November.

Supporting the Local Community is a cornerstone of Freemasonry and the Freemasons meeting at Wretham Road are no exception. Walter Pearce came up with the idea of providing support to children from the local community with a School Uniform Party at Wretham Road Masonic Hall. The party was financed by many of the Lodges, Chapters and other Orders that meet at Wretham Road, was a great success.  

During the party a donation of £150 was made to the Oakland Young People's Centre by Walter, the donation will enable light refreshments to be given to the children when they attend the After School Club.

Desta confirmed that all the children along with the staff and volunteers thoroughly enjoyed themselves.  The music, cheering and general activities that were witnessed during the evening were certainly the loudest and most vocal experienced at Wretham Road. 

Food provided by Sue of Handsworth Catering was appreciated and the cake that was made especially for the event was soon consumed.  The gratitude experienced by the four representatives of the Wretham Road Lodges, when the children were leaving, was a moment to be remembered.  

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