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  • Ali Yenidunya

A Touching Installation in Knowle

The whole nation paid its final farewell to the Queen on Monday, 19 September 2022. Millions were frozen in front of their televisions. A well-prepared and meticulously-executed funeral service was a poignant mark of respect and gratitude for the UK's long-serving monarch.

It is beyond doubt that the members and visitors of Solihull Lodge 8088 arrived at Knowle Centre for Freemasonry with a heavy, yet hopeful heart. When the clocks showed 1730 BST, the long-awaited installation ceremony honoured with the presence of five grand officers including Deputy Provincial Grand Master V W Bro Peter Manning and his predecessor, V W Bro Michael Morris, commenced.

With the end of the ceremony, everyone congratulated the newly installed master of the lodge, W Bro Firdos Avari. Following a tremendous festive board, Firdos shared his opinions:

Being installed as the master makes me immensely proud. I cannot thank enough to the Brethren who have supported me.
I must say that it has been a day with mixed emotions. It is sad as our beloved Queen was laid to rest but on the other hand we raised our glasses for our new King.
As Solihull Lodge, we are already excited to share many lectures and demonstrations with our Brethren in the coming year.

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