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Updated: Oct 4, 2018

W. Bro. Steven Price, PPSGW awarded the Provincial Grand Master’s Certificate of Merit

At the Annual Provincial Meeting on Saturday 10th May, following the conclusion of the formalities, the Provincial Grand Master asked the Provincial Grand Secretary if there was any further business for the meeting. Those used to this formality were taken aback when the PG Secretary announced that the Provincial Grand Master was to honour one of his brethren. The PGM then instructed the ProvDC to bring W Bro Steven Price to him.

The Provincial Grand Master explained to the brethren the incredible amount of work that W Bro Steven has put into Freemasonry over more than 4 decades, including exemplary service to Alderson House in Warwick, as the chairman of the rooms since 2010. Steven is also leading an initiative to help the Masonic rooms across the Province in 2018. Steven is not one to seek the limelight, but works tireless for the good of Freemasonry and the Provincial Grand Master has declared him worthy of recognition for all that he has done. He was then presented with the Provincial Grand Master’s Certificate of Merit, which was subsequently proclaimed by the ProvDC and applauded by all present.

Steven’s recollection of the event is as follows:

“For the first time in many years, I had not actually intended to attend Provincial Grand Lodge at all on Saturday, as we had family things on in the afternoon. That changed when I had a telephone call from Peter Manning one evening last week, asking if anyone had been in touch regarding collecting the “Lodge in a box” from Alderson House. We had a chat and he said “see you on Saturday then” to which I replied, “no, I’m not going this year.” He came back with, “well I think you ought to” but wouldn’t say why and eventually I agreed.

“I suppose I thought that I might get a mention and perhaps a “stand up so we can see who you are” sort of thing if the PGM launched the centres Initiative in which I am involved, or I wondered if he might mention me then as a sort of Assistant Prov. Grand Superintendent, but no and again when he had finished mentioning all of the initiatives for this year and no mention again, I thought, well that is it then!

“And then it happened.  When the D.C. was walking me down the room I asked what was going on, he just said, “shush, the mic’s on.”  It was quite surreal when the PGM started on my masonic career.  I have always just though of myself as an ordinary Joe, who loves his Freemasonry and everything that he is involved in and just trying to encourage others to get as much out of it as I do.  I thought that I had reached my peak when I was promoted to PPSGW in 2010 and PPGSN in Chapter.  I love Alderson House and have been very privileged to be its Chairman since 2010, but it is not all me, we have a strong Executive who support and encourage me, only occasionally looking askance at some of my suggestions!

“Obviously, I feel very honoured and it probably has not really sunk in yet, just how very special this award is.  The feeling of being applauded by so many people as we walked back, albeit to the wrong seat and then being saluted, well! “I suppose I should have said a few words and thank you, but in all honesty I was just shell shocked. “When the dust has settled, I shall just carry on, doing what I do and hoping I can serve Freemasonry, in Warwickshire in particular, to the best of my ability and live up to this very special award.”

Congratulations from all in the Province on this very special and richly deserved recognition.

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