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A night of illumination with Solihull Lodge

For their next meeting Solihull Lodge are going to do something a little different - an Illuminated Explanation of the Traditional History - the illuminations being the coloured fibrous plaster friezes that come from the Temple in Keynsham which the Saltford Lodge No 8633, being custodians of these objects, have allowed the Lodge to use in the presentation.  

In the the Knowle Temple there are two of the objects either side of the Master’s pedestal that came form the the earlier lodge room in the George Hotel, Solihull and there is some interest in these friezes as it appears their origin was a firm that supplied such works in Fibrous Plasterwork located in Erdington, Birmingham and later Sutton Coldfield - maybe because nobody knows for certain.

Although it is a past master's evening, the WM will not have a night off - he will be called on to give a short presentation too on what has been discovered about these fascinating friezes.

This will be a unique opportunity for Master Masons to make a daily progression in knowlegde - to book in contact the Lodge Secretary, VW Bro Michael Morris at:

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