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A 4th generation initiation

On 15th November the Brethren of Monolithos Lodge 8475, meeting at Alderson House in Warwick, will witness, if not a unique occasion then certainly a very rare one, when they Initiate a 4th generation Freemason.

The son and grandson of W Bros Stuart and Edward Byron respectively will be initiated with dad and grandad both working from the chair.

W Bro Stuart can trace masonry to his grandfather and he believes it may, anecdotally, go back another 2 or 3 generations before that even.

Guests and visitors to this unusual occasion can be assured of a very warm welcome, a cracking ceremony and lots of fun at the Festive Board.

Please contact the lodge secretary, W.Bro Damian Isaak at to request a summons and to book in.

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