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60 years for Bro Jim

The Lodge of Stability’s recent meeting was special as it saw Bro Jim Dumighan receive a certificate to mark 60 years of diligent service from the Provincial Grand Master. Born on Tyneside in 1936, he was initiated into Wylam Lodge when just 25. A paper round led to a fascination with newspapers and an early school report indeed showed that Jim was determined to become a reporter. Leaving school at 16, he did just that when he became a junior reporter for his local weekly paper.

National Service briefly interrupted his work with a number of newspapers before 1959 saw Jim’s transition to TV with his appointment as an editorial assistant for ITV. Initially employed on a weekly legal spot, he worked with Leo Blair, father of a certain Sir Tony! 1961 saw him move to the BBC in London to work on ‘Sportsview’ and ‘Grandstand’. An avid football fan – he first went to a game at St James’s Park in 1946 – he was part of the production team for five World Cups from 1966 to 1990. He was a producer of ‘Match of the Day’ for nearly 25 years and also directed many series of Pot Black.

1961 also saw Jim marry Ivy with whom he had two daughters and three grandchildren. They moved to the Midlands in 1964 where he directed studio programmes and outside broadcasts and soon became the editor of ‘Pebble Mill at One’. In 1981, as the head of general programmes, it was Jim’s job to escort the Queen who came to mark Pebble Mill’s 10th anniversary. Ever thoughtful, Jim contacted the Band of the Royal Marines who played ‘Congratulations’ as the Royal visit coincided with the Queen’s 34th wedding anniversary.

His consideration for others perhaps started during his National Service which, as a pay sergeant, involved a lot of welfare work. Following his retirement, he joined SAAFA becoming involved at a national level and had strong links with veterans of Bomber Command. Having joined Stability back in 1976, he has served the lodge assiduously, especially (and unsurprisingly) as the charity steward for many years.

The PGM presented Bro Jim’s certificate in his usual relaxed manner after which WBro Andy Dobbins proclamation was met with acclaim. What made the evening even more special was that ladies and friends had been invited into the temple to witness Jim’s presentation. Everyone then enjoyed an excellent Festive Board at which the celebrations continued, including the presentation of a set of wonderful, and suitably engraved, glasses.

SWG Feb 2022

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