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  • Ali Yenidunya

60 Happy Years in the Craft

Barry Roseman has received his certificate commemorating his 60th year in Freemasonry from the hands of Phil L Hall, the head of Freemasonry in Warwickshire, at the recent meeting of the Lodge of Israel. Although Barry was initiated into the Forester Lodge 7503 in Worcestershire 62 years ago, the unfortunate effects of the pandemic caused a slight delay in his outstanding service being formally recognized.

Barry was born in Southport and lost his father when he was 3. Leaving the traumatic memories of the war back in the UK, Barry spent 5 years of his childhood in the US with his mother and grandmother following his stepfather, a US airman and a Freemason. Upon their return to the UK permanently, Barry attended a boarding school paid for by his grandfather. No wonder why he enjoyed his science class most since Barry continued his education further and completed his PhD program.

Since 1980, Barry has served the Lodge of Israel diligently and has been through the chair twice. He took many offices and contributed to the success of his lodge and brethren.

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