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50 Years with the Lodge of Progress

In the first week in March, the Lodge of Progress No 4620 was pleased to witness the presentation of a 50 Year Certificate to W Bro Neol T Jones, PProvJGW, who achieved this milestone on 13th February 2019.

Pictured below, amongst many others who witnessed this memorable event, were, left to right: W Bro P Allan Cross, PAGDC, W Bro John B Hayward, Assistant Provincial Grand Master (Presenter), W Bro Neol T Jones (Recipient), W Bro Roger Sargent, Worshipful Master, W Bro Bruce Bridgen, Secretary, W Bro Neville Wright, Lodge of Goodwill 3899, W Bro Wayne Crothers Director of Ceremonies.

W Bro John Hayward, presenting the certificate, commenced by asking questions in Welsh, as the recipient, W Bro Neol Jones, is a fluent Welsh speaker, having been born in Aberaeron, West Wales. W Bro Jones name – Neol – is the Welsh spelling of the English Neil, although it is often confused with Noel – completely incorrect. Incidentally, W Bro Neol is also fluent in French and often travels to France to be with his daughter.

Having commenced the presentation with a journey through W Bro Neol’s early life and Police career, W Bro Hayward identified a number of coincidences, to the amazement of all present, which linked both presenter and recipient by Lodge members and Police Officers which both had known, some present at the meeting, and some who had sadly passed away.

After a very pleasant evening and Festive Board, W Bro Hayward concluded by expressing the hope for W Bro Jones that his life in Wales, France and the Midlands might continue for many years to come, and closed with the Welsh greeting -  “Iechyd da” – Good Health.


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