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Updated: Oct 29, 2018

A Fifty Year Certificate has been presented in the Lodge of Faith & Hope 4772, in somewhat unusual circumstances, emphasising the family nature of the Lodge. W Bro John Simmonds, PProvJGW, PProvSGW (Worcs) received his certificate commemorating 50 years in freemasonry from Assistant Provincial Grand Master W Bro John Hayward, who is also a member of the Lodge of Faith & Hope. The coincidences go further – W Bro John Simmonds was the Junior Deacon who conducted W Bro John Hayward on his Initiation, in which both of their fathers were involved. W Bro John Simmonds’ father was Junior Warden at the time, whilst W Bro John Hayward’s father was Worshipful Master. The Lodge of Faith & Hope is very much a family Lodge, with several fathers & sons involved. W Bro John Simmonds Grandfather was a founder of the Lodge, back in 1925.

The photograph below shows W Bro John Simmonds with the Master of the Lodge, W Bro Jason Spittle, who also proposed his father as a Lodge member during his first year in the chair..

Below are pictured W Bro John Simmonds, with the Assistant Provincial Grand Master John Hayward, W Bro Jason Spittle, WM, and two more lifelong friends and members of both the Lodge & Chapter of Faith & Hope, W Bro Peter Britton (left) and W Bro Derek Hateley (right).

Many congratulations to W Bro John Simmonds on a wonderful achievement, long may he continue.

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