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Each lodge is ruled by a Worshipful Master (WM), who is elected for one year by the Lodge Members, having satisfied specific criteria. He appoints his Lodge Officers for one year including a Senior Warden and a Junior Warden who help him govern the Lodge.


Lodge Meetings typically start at 6pm with an objective to finish at 10pm. The first part of the meeting is concerned with ceremonial and administration matters and takes place in the Lodge Room. This is followed by a meal in the dining room, typically three courses which is known as the ‘Festive Board’ during which there will be speeches, formal toasts and a collection for charity.


A typical Lodge Meeting agenda:


  • Opening the Lodge

  • Approving the Minutes

  • Ritual – Playlets and enactments.

  • Reports from the Treasurer [Finance] and Almoner [a lodge member nominated to look after the health and welfare of Lodge members and their families].

  • Communications from Grand Lodge, and Provincial Grand Lodge

  • General correspondence and notification of upcoming social events

  • Closing the Lodge and moving through to dinner.

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